What format of CPD products is right for me?

There are many different CBD products on the market, including tinctures, capsules, vapes, teas, gummies, salves, ointments, balms… the list goes on. Choosing the right product depends on what you’re using it for, but it’s all about personal preference too. Some people will prefer an edible or cream to start with as it’s something more familiar, while others might want to start off with an oil or tincture straight away as that’s what they’ve heard the most about.

Oils can provide the most potential benefits but aren’t as easy to precisely dose if you’re new to CBD. Topicals can be applied directly to affected areas and great for recovery after workouts. For skin conditions or pain in one specific area, you might want to opt for a topical format, whereas other formats such as oils are more suited to conditions where the CBD needs to enter your bloodstream. Gummies make dosing easy and taste good.

We recommend going with your gut instinct for the format you think will suit your needs best. You can always try a different one in the future!